How to Install & Access Epson Projector Utility Software(EasyMP)

Connect wirelessly to our Epson projectors with out the use of cables. The Epson projectors in Gregory Conference Room (LSB), Trezza Conference Room (LSB) Dean’s Conference Room (UCC 4th floor) support wireless connections. When connected to FSU WiFi (FSUSecure) you will be able to stream your laptop to the projector without the use of any cables. […] »

Submit a Ticket with the CCI Helpdesk

The College of Communication and Information HelpDesk provides a ticketing service for the students, faculty, and staff of the colleges. This service allows personal support for your everyday computing issues. Completion Estimation: 10 Minutes To submit a ticket, first open up an internet browser of your choice. In the URL/address bar of your internet browser type […] »

How to Install and Use Cisco Anyconnect

Cisco Anyconnect solves the ability for private computers that are not hardlined on the FSU campus to access server files as if the computer was on campus. Visit here to install and begin using Cisco Any Connect

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Remote Labs is the College of Communication and Information premier solution in providing easy to access software to the students, faculty, and staff of the college. Due to the challenges that arise when dual-booting a Mac, and the hardware requirements required to virtualize Windows or other operating system(s), we recommend using RemoteApps (a CCI-hosted web portal for […] »

Helpdesk Resources

The CCI Helpdesk has many forms of helpful resources that will assist you in resolving your technological problems. To recieve the most consistent and reliable form of assistence we advise patrons to submit a ticket. You can also visit our homepage: and click the button labled “submit a ticket.” When you submit a ticket you will recieve a […] »