Microsoft Remote Desktop

Remote Labs is the College of Communication and Information premier solution in providing easy to access software to the students, faculty, and staff of the college.

Due to the challenges that arise when dual-booting a Mac, and the hardware requirements required to virtualize Windows or other operating system(s), we recommend using RemoteApps (a CCI-hosted web portal for instructional software).

Remote Labs is simple and easy to use: you do not need to install programs because our servers stream the program to your computer.

Please identify the operating system you are using and watch the appropriate playlist below on an introduction and how to get up and running with Remote Labs.

**The videos on how to print, save, and open documents apply for both Windows and Mac Operating systems using RemoteApps.**

Windows Operating System

Mac Operating System

Alternative resources

Certain computer labs supported by the CCI HelpDesk have MAC computers with Windows Virtual Machines. These labs include WJB2010 and LSB106E(CCI HelpDesk Computer Lab).
The Software on these computers include but not limited to:

  • Adobe Master Collection CS5
  • Microsoft Projects
  • Microsoft Visio

For older video tutorials for Windows, visit our video playlist.

For older video tutorials for Macs, visit our video playlist.