Helpdesk Resources

The CCI Helpdesk has many forms of helpful resources that will assist you in resolving your technological problems.

To receive the most consistent and reliable form of assistance we advise patrons to submit a ticket.

You can also visit our homepage: and click the button labeled “Submit a Ticket.”

When you submit a ticket you will receive a timely and personalized solution catered to your issue.

When you fill out the form for ticket submission, it is important to include as much detail as it results in a faster resolution. So more the better!

Our other resources include: HelpDesk Tutorial Post, Visiting the HelpDesk, & Remote Support

  • What you are reading now is considered a tutorial post. These post can be found and searched on our HelpDesk page under the menu tab of Tutorial Videos. Sometimes we may direct you to one of our post as a possible solution.
  • If you are close to campus and would like to visit us please come by. We are right next to Landis Green located in the Innovation Hub housed in the Louis Shores Building.
  • If you are not close to the HelpDesk, Remote Support is a software installed voluntarily that allows a HelpDesk employee to remote into your computer and look at your computer desktop as if we were right next to you.
    • Even though the software is installed the HelpDesk has no way to access your computer without your permission in providing the access code which is unique for each computer.