How to Install & Access Epson Projector Utility Software(EasyMP)

Connect wirelessly to our Epson projectors with out the use of cables.

The Epson projectors in Gregory Conference Room (LSB), Trezza Conference Room (LSB) Dean’s Conference Room (UCC 4th floor) support wireless connections. When connected to FSU WiFi (FSUSecure) you will be able to stream your laptop to the projector without the use of any cables. Follow the video below on how to install and access the projector. There is another video which gives a brief introduction on the features the projector has to offer.

You can find the software here: Link
Under the Utilities tab you will find the software called “Epson iProjection”

**IMPORTANT** To successfully stream directly to the projector you must be connected to the WIFI network “FSU SECURE.”

Features of the Epson Projector Smart Board